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Visuals and Communicate in Print

Visuals and Communicate in Print:

  • Visuals, made using the Communicate in Print programme, are a vital tool that enable young people with ASC to navigate through life. Visuals are key to supporting the structured environment we create in Resource Base and support the developing of confidence and independence as well as alleviating anxiety about what is coming next.  These include visual timetables, now and next boards and visual work systems and ongoing instructions.
  • All staff around our school wear a lanyard with a set of visual instructions. This enables all staff to communicate and work with all young people with ASC around the school. It is easier for some young people to interpret a visual cue rather than a verbal one especially when they are anxious.

All classes use a visual timetable to enable all children to navigate their school day, a Now and Next board to encourage engagement and work systems to encourage focus. There are   many visual signs around the school to support our ASC learners within the main school.










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