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Attendance Policy

Our attendance target for this year is 97%.


Wyndcliffe Primary School, is dedicated to working in partnership with parents and the Local Authority to improve school attendance.


Ensuring that your child(ren) are in school each day, will give them the best possible chance to achieve their academic potential and have real opportunity in further education and the world of work.

Attendance = Achievement!


For the start of the academic year 2023-2024, we are launching a new Trust attendance initiative across all schools. Our SOL Attendance Diamond plan is aimed at maintaining and improving attendance throughout the school year. Your child will be placed in one of the following groups in the chart below, and this will be based on the attendance figures for the last academic year. Our aim is to get every child in the Green Group, giving your child/ren the best chance of success in the future, and ensuring their education is not disrupted by poor punctuality.



The importance of being in school every day


Being in school every day will enable your child to :


  • access the lessons needed to achieve their expected grades
  • maintain friendships and develop new ones
  • have access to social and sporting events offered by the school
  • explore potential careers
  • develop work habits such as good punctuality which are essential to thrive in the world of employment


The chart below explains how many days your child will miss if they do not attend school every day:



The importance of being in school on time each day


Poor punctuality can lead to your child…


  • Feeling embarrassed in front of their friends
  • Missing the beginning of vital lessons
  • Missing important instructions for the rest of the school day
  • Learning habits which could affect their employability in the future


The chart below explains how many days of school your child will miss if they do not attend school on time each day:


Minutes late per day during the school year:

Equals days’ worth of teaching lost in a year:

5 minutes

3.4 days

10 minutes

6.9 days

15 minutes

10.3 days

20 minutes

13.8 days

30 minutes

20.7 days


How can I get help with my child’s attendance?


If you are worried about your child/children’s attendance the first port of call is to discuss your concerns with the school directly. The school has an attendance team who may be able to help, and all schools work closely with health and council teams who may also be able to help if needed.


Mrs C. Hollis is our Attendance Lead and Mrs. L. Jones is our Attendance Governor



If you have concerns about mental health; domestic abuse; parenting; bereavement; finance; problems with drugs and alcohol; you can find help and support from the ‘From Birmingham with Love’ webpage:


Additionally, Birmingham City Council provides online information and guidance to parents on school attendance which you can access here:


What about term time leave?


Family holidays in term time are not allowed in law and are unlikely to be authorised. Family emergencies also need careful consideration. It is not always appropriate or in the best interests of the child to miss school for emergencies which are being dealt with by adult family members. Notifying the school of leave due to a family emergency does not mean it will be authorised.


Legal Action

Please note that where parents fail to ensure their child attends school regularly, legal action, including penalty notices, may be considered

Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 states that as a Parent/carer of a child of statutory school age, you have a legal responsibility to ensure their full time education through regular attendance at school or otherwise.

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