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The safe and effective supervision of pupils using the internet in school via a variety of devices is the main concern for teachers with regard to the online environment.
Due to  many children using the internet at home for homework, playing games and socialising, it is critical that safe internet use at school is mirrored by safe internet use at home.
It is important that schools respond positively and work with parents in educating children about the positive ways in which the internet can be used but also point out some of the associated risks.  This can be done in numerous ways, such as e-safety days, parent workshops and regular reminders on news letters.
We like to encourage parents to play a part in their child's internet safety, increasingly now as applications are emerging rapidly including social networking, Peer to Peer networks, mobiles and wireless applications.
Even though internet access in schools is filtered thoroughly, supervised and safe, many teachers face particular challenges in educating pupils how to use the internet safely outside of the classroom.

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