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What is Online Safety?
Online Safety is about staying safe whilst accessing various devices which usually include the internet, including social networking sites, online game sites, using game consoles that allow access to chat facilities and mobile technology such as mobile phones and tablet devices. Online safety includes avoiding viruses, identifying accurate information and not giving personal information to untrustworthy sources.
Why is Online Safety important?
Online safety is important because it safeguards the concerns of children and young people. It also emphasises the importance and use of new technologies in a positive way and encourages young people to develop safer online behaviours. 
What can I do as a parent to keep my child safe?
Keep your computer, laptop or tablet in the family room so that you can monitor what your child is accessing.  
Only allow your child to become members of games or sites that are monitored or moderated (a monitored site should identify risks or inappropriate content.)  
Check through the browsing history of your internet search engine.  
Ask your child what they are playing and who they might be talking to.  
Do not sign your child up to social networking sites such as Facebook. There are age restrictions in place many of which start at 13. Regularly check your child's mobile phone, ensuring that they are only talking to close friends or family.  
Remind your child to never give out any personal information such as; full name, date of birth, address or telephone number.  
Set up parental controls through your internet service provider. Follow the link below, Investigate child restrictions on your home internet or computer to filter inappropriate sites and content. For more advice please ask in school or visit


What we do at school to keep your child safe?
In school all internet access is filtered. We also use software  (Securus) that monitors the children's use of the internet which logs all activity and monitors the Chromebooks when used off site. Children are also taught how to make educated judgements regarding the information that they access on the internet and how to stay safe. This is taught through Online safety lessons as well as a whole school Safety Day.  

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