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Wyndcliffe Primary School Computing Overview 18/19



1st Autumn

2nd Autumn

1st Spring

2nd Spring

1st Summer

2nd Summer

Year 1

We are illustrators

Designing an eleaflet

Paws claws and whiskers

We are photographers

Pictures tell a thousand words – picture editing and story telling

Memory box

We are story tellers

Producing a talking book

Bright Lights, Big City

We are on a journey


Moon Zoom


We are Collectors and information around us

Finding information and graphical representation

The Enchanted Woodland


We are Dinosaur hunters

Using Programmable toys

Dinosaur planet



Year 2

We are researchers

Researching a topic

Towers, tunnels and turrets

We are Data Handlers

Collecting and inputting data – Wriggle and Crawl

We are animators

Using algorithms to create an animation

Land Ahoy!

We are gardeners

Programming on Screen

The Scented Garden

We are games testers

Exploring how computer games work

Street Detectives

We are communicators

Using email

Muck, Mess and Mixtures


Year 3

We are presenters

Videoing – Tribal life

Tribal Tales



We are graphical designers

Creating an information leaflet and safe searching


We are opinion pollsters

Collecting and analysing data



We are programmers

Programming an animation



We are communicators

Communicating information safely on the internet

Traders and Raiders

We are bug fixers

Finding and correcting bugs in programs

Urban Pioneers


Year 4

We are meteorologist

Collecting weather data in Greece/England

Gods and Mortals

We are data collectors

Collating data on mountains and presenting findings

Misty Mountain Sierra

We are musicians

Producing Digital music Blue Abys



Inputs and outputs Prototyping an interactive toy - operation



We are software designers

Developing an educational game

Burps, bottoms and bile

We are web developers

Creating a travel agents web page

Road trip to the USA

Year 5

We are cryptographers

Cracking codes


We are bloggers

Sharing experiences


We are architects

Creating a virtual space – William Morris/Pre-Raphaelite  gallery


We are Photo editors-  

Paintshop pro

The places we have travelled


We are HTML editors

Writing and editing HTML


We are Theme Park Managers

Planning and running a theme park

Scream Machine

Year 6

We are Journalists.

Designing the front page of a newspaper

A child’s war


We are Script writers and Directors

Using Green Screen and imovie

Darwin’s Delights

We are HTML editors – Coding webpages

Frozen Kingdom


We are mechanics

Making an artificial Heart with Algodoo

Blood Heart

We are Artists

Creating art in the style of Damien Hurst, Expressionists and Impressionists

Gallery rebels

We are network engineers

Exploring computer networks

Tomorrows World







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