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Linking cooking to curriculum

This academic year children have also been linking cooking to their topic curriculum. In Year 3, children made Viking bread. In year 5, children made healthy salads and sandwiches for their Allotment topic and in Year 1, children made dinosaur salads. It has been great fun for children and they are beginning to understand the huge importance placed on Healthy Eating.

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Healthy lunchbox Inspire

Children who bring a packed lunch to school were targeted and parents were asked to attend a Healthy lunchbox Inspire. Parents were informed about the importance of a healthy diet and a healthy lunch and the effects it has on children. Parents looked at the sugar contents of drinks and completed a practical activity where they had to match the sugar contents to different drinks. They also looked at the salt and saturated fat intake of meals. Parents were given ideas of meals that they can prepare to make for a healthy lunchbox

Growing fruit and vegetables!

All year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 have been growing different fruits and vegetables and understanding the importance of incorporating fruit and vegetables into their diet. Children have been growing chillies, spinach, onions, cabbages and more. They have also planted apple trees, pear trees and plum trees around the school. The vegetables that grow will then be used to make healthy meals for lunch by the school canteen. The remaining fruit and vegetables will be sold to parents and children will promote the importance of eating healthily.
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