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Year 6

Music Day


Today the children in Year 6 celebrated Music day by researching about Rock n Roll....(Mrs Saunders' favourite type of music!!!!).

6P looked at Little Richard.

6G looked at Buddy Holly.

6S looked at Elvis Presley.

We did lots of lovely activities, such as: portrait collage of each artist, poplets, fact files and popart pictures.

We found out that Elvis had a twin but unfortunately died at birth. Buddy Holly died in an air crash with other famous singers and Little Richard was on of 12 children.

The children listened to music all afternoon and had a lovely time.

Music Day Pictures

Bordesley Green Girls' School Visit - Science Lesson


On Tuesday, our children visited Bordesley Green Girls' School as part of our Science Week to take part in a Science lesson.

The children had the most fantastic time, lighting Bunsen burners, creating chemicals that reacted with one another and burning different chemicals and metals to create various effects.

We were so proud of how the children behaved at the school and are a credit to Wyndcliffe!



The children have been learning about various movements of Art. Today the have learnt about Surrealism, Fauvism, Pop Art, Realism, Cubism, Expressionism, Abstract, Impressionism and Pointilism. Can they tell you which artists made each movement famous? What each movement entailed?

We will be creating our own paintings based on Surrealism.

Art Movement Lesson

Heart Dissection Lesson

Today the children took part in an amazing lesson - the dissection of a Lamb's heart as part of our topic Blood Heart. The children were extremely responsible and acted very matuelry. The teachers, however, were a different story surprise.

First of all the children listened to a talk about the heart, how it works and the names for the different parts. The teacher was amazed by how much we all knew. They then followed instructions very carefully when dissecting the heart. The following photos show how well the children did but BEWARE they are not for the fainted-hearted!!!!

The Launch Of Readathon

What is Readathon?


Readathon does something amazing. It gets children reading for fun through sponsored reading. It will last one month in our school.


Readathon does four amazing things 


1. Inspires and motivates kids to read

Pupils can read whatever they like for fun – from comics to classics – to raise money to help other children.

2. Raises money for reading in hospitals
Little girl smiling in hospital. Donate

With the money raised, Readathon gives brand new books and storyteller visits to children in hospitals across the UK.

3. Gives our school free books and book tokens

Our school gets FREE book vouchers worth 20% of sponsorship money raised, and if we raise over £50, we’ll send two £5 National Book Tokens to reward our star Readathon pupils.

4. Helps schools reach their targets

Because the money we raise will help local hospitals get books for their children’s wards, Readathon boosts literacy skills and helps meet citizenship and community engagement goals at the same time.

So please join us on our reading adventures while helping a very worthy charity! If you require any more information, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child's teacher.

Author Visit: Colin R Parsons


Today the children had a very special visitor - Colin R Parsons.

Colin, who is a worldwide author, was born on November 8th 1960. He lives in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, with his wife Janice and two sons; Kristoffer and Ryan.

He is a children's and teenage fiction author. His genre's are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk and Supernatural. He loves reading children's and teenage books as well as writing them. As a child Colin enjoyed the works of C. S. Lewis - JRR Tolkien and H G Wells. These authors gave him inspiration, later in life to write his best selling series Wizards' Kingdom. He's also written The Curious World of Shelley Vendor and The Curious World of Katie Hinge. Crank Tech One - DESTRUCTION is his first dabble into Sci-fi. Colin has also written two further books which will be published in late 2014. Killian Spooks and the Ghosted Children, and House of Darke.


The children had  a fantastic time asking very informative questions and finding out about his work, his life and why he became an author.

Picture 1

The Great Paper Caper

As part of World Book day, we read a book called 'The Great Paper Caper' by Oliver Jeffers. It tells the story of when life in the forest begins to change; when trees mysteriously lose their branches, when whole tree trunks start to disappear, when homes are lost and the only course of action for the forest dwellers is to begin a full scale investigation. Alibis must be proved, clues must be sought but even so, blame is never far from anyone's thoughts.


Who done it...? Read the book and find out.


From this the children made their own and flew them in the playground to see which one went the furthest. The children had so much fun. And you never know we may have aeronautical engineer in our midst...




Picture 1

World Book Day

This event has seen the majority of our kids all over the school, including KS1 and KS2, dress as their favourite characters, receive prizes for best dressed characterand take part in the events that our school  has ran to mark the wonder of reading.


Our teachers were also encouraged to don fancy dress costumes and join in with World Book day 2017.


Why Read?


Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.


Today has celebrated books, author, illustrators and the love of reading and has offered the chance for our children to dress up as their favourite characters and play games linked to their favourite stories.


As you can see from the photos, we all had an amazing day.

Readathon Assembly Launch

NSPCC Assembly


" Although I had heard of the RSPCC before I didn't know what the letters represented until this assembly. I found out that every child has the right to be protected and if they are harmed they should speak out loud. The phone is really easy to remember and you can call them anytime - they are always open!" Muhammad (6P)

Maths Inspire

Year 6 invited the children along with their parents to our Maths Inspire. We looked at how maths is taught is our school, how the curriculum has changed, how SATS is administered and practised some arithmetic and reasoning questions with their parents. It was lovely to see so many parents supporting their children!!!


"After Mrs Saunders spoke, me and my mum challenged one another to a times table challenge - I won!!!! I found talking about SATS and what to expect really helpful. Practising dividing and multiplying fractions helped me to understand the steps need to calculate the answer. My mom told me that the resources provided were helpful to her and how she could help me in future." Suleman (6S)

Careers Day

On Careers Day, Mrs Ali, Mrs Goodfellow and Mrs Woodfield invited professionals to speak about their jobs. A recruitment officer, events manager, the police, fire-fighters and even the Lord Mayor spoke to Years 5 and 6 about what job they had, what qualifications they needed, how many hours a week they worked and the enjoyment they received from it. It the gave the children a good insight of possible future roads that they may take. Maybe one day an ex pupil will be our future Lord Mayor....


"Careers Day was really helpful because it made me decide that one day I would like to be a teacher. I asked teachers that I saw many questions about the steps needed to attain a teaching qualification. I learnt that perseverance, patience and a clear criminal record will help me get on the way to becoming and fulfilling my dream job!" Yusra Jelow (6S)


Today was spent making cross-curricular links with our Topic 'Frozen Kingdom' and maths. We looked at coordinates of Antarctica, found out the coldest ever temperature recorded (-89.2 degrees!!!!), made our own Arctic animal 3D shapes and even had a visit from a 'real life' maths professor.


"I really enjoyed Maths day because we not only we had fun but also we learnt lots about Antarctica!" Mervielle 6S



We had lots of fun this week, creating our own Christmas inspired 3D shapes.

Making Christmas inspired 3D shapes

Book Competition

Today we found our who would represent our school in the book competition against other schools. We had to read 'Frisbee and the Rats of Nimh' and answer an array of various questions about the setting, its characters and the plot. It was quite hard at times but all the scores were very close and it was a dead heat at a few points in the competition. Finally at the end, Mrs Paneser calculated the totals and Zak (6G), Suleman (6S), Eesah (6G), Mibrahim (6P) and Iqraah (6S) won. We were all very proud of them and wish them luck in the final round!!!! 

Friendship Day


Today we took part in friendship day. We were buddied up with Year 2 and spent the whole day with them.

Mrs Naguthney taught us how to cook some delicious cakes and biscuits whilst Mrs Saunders completed some craft activities which we then gave to our new found friends.

We are hoping to see our friends again at our Christmas party.

6G's Remembrance Assembly Photos

6G's Remembrance Assembly Photos 1
6G's Remembrance Assembly Photos 2
6G's Remembrance Assembly Photos 3
6G's Remembrance Assembly Photos 4
6G's Remembrance Assembly Photos 5
On Friday 11th November 6G performed their class assembly. Everyone in 6G was involved in telling the rest of the school about why Remembrance day is so important. We all wore poppies and even lay wreaths at a cenotaph that we had made. Akhbar read Flanders Fields to the song 'Abide with me' and Armaan read 'For the Fallen' whilst the last post played. It was a very moving assembly and gave everyone something to think about whilst we did our 2 minutes silence at 11:00am. 

Olympic Athlete Visit

Today we had a visit from an Olympic athlete, Dominick Cunningham. To find out more about him click here : . We took part in our sponsored activities which not only raised money to send athletes like Dominick into other schools and train other athletes like him but also for our school as well! It was such a super day especially when Dominick showed us some of his skills.

Robin Hood Production

Today we had the best surprise...

We found out that a company called M&M productions were coming into our school to entertain us with their theatre show of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood had to save Maid Marion. There was music, dancing and singing. Robin Hood is a legend but made it contemporary by adding modern songs to it. They also made it fun for us because we were allowed to join in. It was full of laughs, comedy and a 'baddie' who was called The Sheriff of Nottingham. Whenever he was on stage we all booed him!!! Here are some of our reviews...


'I laughed so hard that my belly hurt!' Patrik 6S


'It was a nice surprise to end the half term with.' Iqraah 6S


'Robin stole from the rich and gave to the poor which him popular with the peasants.' Zakaria 6G


'Robin Hood walked between the audience and high-fived us all!!! It was extraordinary.' Arooj 6P


'It was fascinating how they moved the scenery around...I was spellbound.' Atikah 6S


Black History Day - Years 5 and 6

Black History Day

Today we all celebrated the achievements of famous black people both from history and today. We focused on people from other countries as well as those from Britain.

In Year 6 we looked at Mo Farah, Usain Bolt and Serena Williams. Throughout the morning we completed fun and educational activities based on these famous athletes. We did a life size collage, created popplets using the i-pads and researched these figures so we could create out own fact files about them.

Half of Year 6 also went to Year Five. The learnt about Will Smith, sang one of his raps and even adapted it to suit our 'No Outsiders' policy.

We all really enjoyed the day! Hear what some of the children said about the day...


'It was very interesting when we changed Will's Smith's rap to suit our own school.' Anwar 6S


'We learnt about Usain Bolt and how he persevered with his running even though he didn't have the best training facilities.' Nailah 6G


'I was extremely shocked at the way black people were treated in history.' Zeeshan 6P


Class 6S' Assembly - Black History


On Thursday 6th October 6S our class performed their assembly to the rest of Key Stage 2, whilst the other children in the school were able to streamline the performance on their computers.

Our assembly was based on black history, as it is Black History Month. The children took on various roles like; Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Sojourner Truth. We explained why these people were so important and why we celebrate their lives today.

In addition to people in the past we also looked at famous black British people like Mo Farah (long distance runner), Oswald Boateng (fashion designer), Denise Lewis (athlete), Ian Wright (footballer) and Sir Trevor MacDonald  (first black news television presenter).

We had lots of fun learning our line, practising our performance and performing. We were very nervous. However it was a total success. Here are some of our reviews...


4BM - 'Today we watched an assembly about black history. We listened to their freedom of speeches and learnt that it doesn't matter what colour skin we have we are still all equal. We enjoyed the play.'


Miss McGrath - 'The assembly was fantastic! I loved how all the children were involved and the song was great. You have set a high standard for the other classes to follow'.




Year 6 Weston Park Videos

Still image for this video

Year 6 Weston Park Visit


Yesterday 6S and half of 6G visited Weston Park as part of our World War Two Topic.

When we were arrived we were split into two groups and given our gas mask boxes so we could pretend to be evacuees - Hitler will send no warning! Carry your gas mask at all times!!!

Our first activity was to make gas masks. Pat, our tour guide, showed us how to make them. We really enjoyed this activity. We're sure you will agree, by looking at our photos, they are pretty amazing! One fact that we learnt was gas masks during the war contained a poisonous material called asbestos. So if we ever bought one from a charity shop, car boot or anywhere else we would know never to wear them - just in case!

Next on the list was getting dressed up as people from the war. It was so much fun.

We then looked at some more gas masks. We couldn't believe that people used to actually put babies into one of them. Can you see this picture?  People had to carry gas masks just in case of a gas attack. Fortunately there were none but they carried one just in case.

We then went into a replica of what a living room would look like during the war. We learnt that most houses never had a television, they listened to a radio (wireless) for their entertainment and to catch up on news reports and they used a mangle (an old-fashioned dryer) to dry their clothes. It looked like very hard work!

In the afternoon, we looked at a real-life Anderson shelter - a place where people went during air raids. It was very small inside. Even Mrs Saunders got in there frown!

After looking at the Anderson shelter, we learnt more about being a child evacuee. We were given name tags, ration cards and an identity card. They were stamped by Sarah and Nuaman who were pretending to be billeting officers.

Because there was a rationing on food, there wasn't a lot of nice treats for the children so adults used to stick a carrot on the end of a stick and give them to children, who pretended they were lollies!

Children were evacuated in 3 waves. Most of them were evacuated to the countryside where is was safer. Some were even evacuated to countries as far off as Australia and Canada! Once at the 'host' families they had to work and earn their keep.

Then we sang two songs that were song during the war to keep the peoples' spirits up. The songs were called 'Run, Rabbit Run!' and 'We'll meet again'.

Lastly, we pretended that we were in am air raid. We hid under our chairs whilst the Germans bombed where we were. We weren't allowed to come out until it was safe to do so. It was all quite scary.

We had loads of fun but more important learnt lots of facts that we can use when we returned to school.


'I loved creating the gas masks because it mixed history with art' Anwar Salih 6S.


' I liked dressing up as I learnt what people looked like during the olden days' Iqraah Shaheen 6S.


'I learnt lots of facts yesterday at Weston Park, the most important one was you should never wear gas masks that you buy, incase they contain asbestos' Eesah Hussain 6G.


'The best part about our trip was when we explored the Anderson Shelter which was used for adults and their children when the Germans were attacking their city. I wouldn't like to stay there for the night!!!' Laiba Ahmed 6G


' I enjoyed Weston Park because not only we learnt a lot of new facts, we also took part in fun activities such as the air  raid siren and dressing up' Ibrahim Khan 6G.


Welcome to Year 6!