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These are all the things we have been up to as a year group!

Please have a look.


This half term Year 4 are studying the book 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea. We are watching the movie to give us a better understanding and relive the story.

A brilliant way to end a brilliant Maths Inspire!

A brilliant way to end a brilliant Maths Inspire! 1

Now it is the parents turn! They are working together with their children to tackle some tough maths questions.

Year 4 Maths Inspire! Another great turn out from the parents!

The children are being treated to a special treat today. The amazing Author by the name of Colin R. Parsons has come to visit Wyndcliffe Primary on World Book Day!! How exciting is that!

World Book Day at Wyndcliffe Primary! The children have had a brilliant start to the day viewing all the different costumes on show at school. The whole school had a competition to see who had the best costume in each class

The homework done by Year 4 this half term. Amazing is an understatement! Wow!

The homework done by Year 4 this half term. Amazing is an understatement! Wow! 1

Our year 4 inspire workshop has taken off! The parents have turned out in their numbers! Fantastic support for children. The parents are working really hard learning about the digestive system from their children. It is great to see!

For our topic lessons we have been looking at the Ancient Greeks. The past few lessons have been about the Ancient Olympics and pottery. We have learnt that during the time of the Greeks, they used to paint and decorate the vases with images telling a story. Here is us having a go at making our own vases using clay.

Children in need! We had so much fun learning about Children in Need and a lot more fun raising money. It was a fun packed day and everyone was very generous with their donations. We wore our pyjamas to school and the teachers did too!! How cool is that?

Here is a video of a girl really good at gymnastics! Look at her go!

Still image for this video

We were very lucky to have a talent show in school today to raise money for children in need. It was an AMAZING event and we had so much fun! The children taking part were BRILLIANT! Overall we felt it was a success and all for a good cause too!

Today was friendship day! We had our little friends over from the Oaks hoping to make new friends with them. They were so small and tiny...they were the Year 1's!! We had so much fun getting to know each other and playing games throughout the day.

We had such a fun time when a Team GB athlete came to our school. His name is Dominic Cunningham and yes you read it right, A Team GB athlete at Wyndcliffe Primary! We took part in a few activities which got the heart pumping but the fun going. Here is a look at what we got up to.

Athlete day!

Still image for this video
Here is a video of what we got up to during athlete day. The teachers joined in too!

We have started to look at Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief for our English lessons. We were so lucky to watch the whole film! This prepared us to write a diary entry re-living a day in the life of PJ! We are looking forward to learning a lot more about him.

Year 4 Eid parties. Look how wonderful we all look!

Year 4 Autumn 1st Curriculumn Newsletter