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Sustainable Schools Program

Wyndcliffe Primary School is part of the Birmingham's Sustainable School's programme. The programme aims to: increase savings on our energy bills; reduce the carbon footprint of the school; find out more about the key areas of sustainability and how everyone in our school can help and make a difference and achieve Birmingham's Sustainable School Status.

The training undertaken has included: energy saving, advanced energy saving a water; energy saving measures; sustainable transport and road safety; sustainable waste management and recycling, biodiversity, food and growing projects and citizen and fair-trade.

Achieving this status has required a 'whole school' approach and includes everyone from the pupils to the teachers, head teacher to site managers and business mangers to the community around the school.


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Tasneem 5A - Is an ideal candidate for the Green Team as she is good at motivating other, cooperates well in a team, takes on extra work without being asked to and is able to speak well and explain her ideas well.


Basit 5W - Is a good role model and really conscientious about completing things to the best of his ability.


Mahbir 3H - Is a great role model and cares for the environment.


Mohammed Ibrahim 4R - Is a caring individual who looks after equipment in the classroom and the environment. He is an extremely responsible individual.


Ibraheem1M - Picks up rubbish with being told to do so, turns off lights when the classroom isn’t being used and is a responsible, caring child who looks out for others.


Laiba 2N - Enjoys the outdoors, has a keen interest in planting and looks after the environment.


Sami 4BM - Is very helpful and is always willing to support his teachers as well as everyone else. He always tries his best and has the perfect attitude.


Zakaria 6G - Is a sensible, environmentally aware, vocal and great role model to Wyndcliffe Primary School.


Mohsin3S - Is the perfect role model. He is very helpful and caring and supports all those children who need help with specific tasks. He takes pride in his work and presentation and always aims to keep areas neat and tidy.


Levi 3E - Is going to be a great ambassador for the Green Team because he is motivated to helping the school save energy. He is a hard working child, who works well as a team.


Aneeka 5N - Is a good role model for our school. She makes sure all lights are turned off when the classroom is empty and sorts out all the recycling to make sure paper is not wasted. She also makes sure the tap is not dripping so water is not wasted.


Zahra 6S - Is a super role model who always tries her best when when she finds things difficult. She will feed back any information appropriately to the rest of the class making sure points are actioned and deadline are met.


Farhan 1B - Is a sensible child and is able to work on his own or in a group. He is a great asset to this school.


Zaynab 2K - Works hard, is helpful and polite at all times. She is a great asset to our school.


Saad 1A - Is a good listener, helpful and looks after the school. He makes it a better place.


Iqra 2H - Always tries her best and is very helpful. She is good at making sure the lights are turned off when the class leaves any room that they are in.


Hussain 6P - Has some amazing ideas in lessons. He is keen at looking after the environment and keeping it clean.


Helayna 4M – Is a great role model. She is very responsible and always extremely helpful. Helayna works really hard and would make a great member of any team she joins.