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I applied for the Prefect job as I think I am a sensible representative for Wyndcliffe Primary School. I achieved my goal by creating an application for the Prefect role. I ‘magpied’ a few words from one of my lessons and included them in my application. I think that being a Prefect is an important job as it helps improve our school, it takes a lot of responsibility and we have to be good role models at all times. However, I am very capable of this as I am very well behaved and fast thinking when it comes to new ideas. I enjoy this job and look forward to my future roles in this school. - Anwar

Let me tell you why I wanted to become a Prefect…..


In year 4 I was a School Councillor and I really enjoyed this role. We got to be part of lots of new initiatives including auditing playground equipment and purchasing new things which the children had voted for. I counted the opinions for the new playtime equipment and reported back. I took note of everything that my classmates said and I feedback accordingly. I think I did a good job as a Councillor so when I saw the Prefect role being advertised I applied straight away. I am a good helper, if anyone wants help I will be there for them straight away, I also value people’s opinions and I try to be a good role model for others. I am really happy that I became a prefect and I hope I can make a difference. I will start by letting everyone in Wyndcliffe know there are no outsiders!