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I wanted to apply for the role of Head Boy as I saw this role as an opportunity to change the way people perceive school. I know that some people dislike having to go to school for a number of reasons; one of the most common is that it is very tiring and that there is so much to do. I can change that by providing more resources and inspiring others to stay motivated. Many pupils have issues with older children but I know that all children who attend this school are not bullies but are all friends, so this is a problem we can easily solve. At Wyndcliffe Primary School, there really are no outsiders. - Ayuub

I think becoming a Head Boy is a very important job as it helps change and improve the school ways, making it a better, more welcoming school. I understand that a handful of people dislike coming to school as they are tired and bored. So I am keen to do something about this. I feel that I can change these feelings towards school as I once felt this way too. Becoming a School Councillor changed the way I was as a student and inspired me to work hard for positive changes in school. Now I want to show the same opportunity to other students. I want to help the school and the children in it by making lessons more interesting and the school more welcoming for outside students and visitors. After all at Wyndcliffe - there are no outsiders!